The Guilt of Sugar 

Hey guys!! WE ARE BACK, BACK AGAIN (cue the music)
Sorry for the long hiatus, but Kenia and I were having a bit of a writers block. It’s not easy coming up with content that may be of interest to readers.

Now lets get to it….

Today I would like to talk about our daily intake of sugar. Consumers today are becoming more aware of what they put into thier bodies so I think it’s important to understand how sugar works. Now, I am no doctor, BUT I like to do my research and with some credible sources you can learn enough to converse with.

According to, our daily intake of sugar depends on our bodies. Ideally, men should not have more than 9 teaspoons a day, which amounts to 37.5 grams and women should not consume more than 25 grams. So that means, 150 calories of sugar for men, and 100 calories for women. To me, that just sounds ridicules because  that’s like half of what I put into my coffee in the morning. What if I wanted a cookie? But it is, what it is folks.

On the nutrition labels, it is easy to pin point the grams of sugar in the food item but sugar can also be hidden on the ingredients list. High fructose corn syrup, molasses, honey, sucrose, dextrose and maltose are just a few of the sugary sweeteners food manufacturers may use in products. Basically anything that rhymes with gross. Some foods even have naturally occurring sugars. Fruits contain sugar called fructose and milk contains sugar called lactose. The important thing to understand however is that all sugars turn into glucose which fuels our cells. Also, we should make a habit of reading our labels because you wouldn’t imagine the amount of sugar some items may contain. We get 3 grams of sugar alone from a slice of bread, 8 grams in ONE single chocolate chip cookie and 37 grams of sugar in a blueberry muffin. So lets be careful! Now excuse me while I go eat my muffin with guilt.



13 Going on a Quarter of a Century

Guess who’s Back! Back Again!

So we were totally on a super long, unplanned and unwanted hiatus. And for that we are so sorry, cause it’s not fair to whoever actually takes time to read our stuff and it means so much to us cause its pretty freakin awesome to know people care enough to check our blog out.  WOW! that was quite the sentence. Sorry for that, you may catch your breath now.

Moving on.

It recently dawned on me that by the end of this year I will officially be AN “ADULT”. Quite honestly, I’m a little freaked out by the whole thing and currently still in disbelief. I was JUST 16. This made me think about my “style” evolution throughout the years and how little progress I feel like i’ve actually made. I honestly believe that I still dress like I’m in high school. Now, in my defense, I’M A FREAKIN NANNY! Am I supposed to wear full on fabulous outfits to burp babies and change diapers? Don’t Think So!

This led me to actually wonder what “dressing my age” would really mean. I’ve never been someone with a defined style because I wear whatever the hell I feel like wearing at that moment in time, but if I had to choose words for my usual go-to stuff, they would be: classic, laid back and Kirsten Stewart….cause she wears converse and leather jackets and I live for both.

I guess I would say I have a “Style Bi-Polar Disorder”. Raise your hand if you have that same issues? Look AT YOU WEIRDO! Actually raising your hand! Anywhooo, this is basically an introduction to future posts of my style evolution that I think would be cool to share and maybe you guys can give me a few tips cause i personally think clothes and I just aren’t a perfect match. YUP! I’d prefer running around in like long t-shirts and call it a day. Oddly enough i’d wear like a long t-shirt and a full face of makeup…SEE?!!! Bi-Polar!!

So I’ve written quite a lot. BUT HEY! It’s been a while.




Why Coconut Oil?


I’m sure we’ve all heard about the Coconut Oil phenomenon. Being that I have a keen interest in natural skin care products, I obviously had to try it myself.

I’ve been a loyal Coconut Oil user for the past year, and let me tell you, it definitely is not over rated. It lives up to the hype I promise you and here’s why.


First of all, it’s great for the hair. I have used it as a conditioner. All you have to do is apply it right before you wash it and leave it in for 30min-hour, even longer if you’d like.  You then rinse it out with shampoo and since its very greasy, rinsing it out with some vinegar after shampooing helps remove the residue. All you need is about ¼ cup of vinegar mixed with the water. Doing this really moisturizes the hair. It makes it look and feel very healthy. The oil is filled with vitamins E, K and Iron and also gives it a natural sheen so your hair will look nice and glossy.  Now I am obviously no expert but I’m combining my experience with some research.

Your Skin

Not only do I use it for my hair but also it does wonders to my skin. Coconut oil works as a moisturizer that replenishes the skin’s natural oils. I apply it either right before I go to sleep or right before I apply my makeup and it gives me a natural glow. I do not recommend those who have oily skin to use it much because it can cause outbreaks.

 It can also be used as a lip balm by nourishing the cracks and flakes. It’s still oil so it does dry out fast. But if you want to make your own natural lip balm, it would help to mix the coconut oil with something thick like beeswax or cocoa butter. 

According to Marie Claire, you can use it as highlighter after you’ve applied your makeup. Apply it to your cheeks and it will enhance your skins pigments.

Now here are some other simple uses:

·      Eye makeup remover, just use a soft cloth and it wipes it right off

·      Helps prevent stretch marks

·      Works as a tropical massage oil

·      Apply directly on the perineum to help heal after birth

·      Diaper cream (just rub on baby’s bottom)

·      Mix it with apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment for lice that actually works

·      Blend a tablespoon into hot tea to help speed recovery from cold or flu

·      Works as a natural shaving cream and aftershave lotion

·      Mix with salt to remove dry skin on feet

That’s it for now lovelies! Till next time ❤

When did I become so high maintenance?


As a woman, I have grown up in a society that has convinced me  to belive that looks are everything. There are movies, theres the media, theres everything in between.  Growing up I was given Barbie dolls to groom and fake makeup to play with. I loved it because it was what I saw on tv. Then it brings me to the question.  When did I become so high maintenance? When did I start believing that the way I looked was more important than what came out of my mouth? I cannot fathom the idea of having to appreciate compliments based on my appearance. What about my brain, my thoughts?  My drive to succeed?  My work ethic? What about how I love, how I care so much about those around me, my optimism? My intelligence? When did something as simple as what I was born with become the thing I should be the most proud of? I narrowed it down, did a little research on the huffington post and it all made sense.

Body hair: Women are mocked for daring to bare it. Back in the 16 to 19th century women didn’t shave at all. IT WAS ALL NATURAL. But advertisements have warned women to shave because it is considered unsightly and disgusting not being as smooth as a baby. It has been made an expectation because it is seen as unfeminine to expose the natural hair of the body. Hair-removal ads  such as Veet came up with campaigns such as “don’t risk dudeness”

Skin color:Back then, lighter skin was seen as more beautiful. Black women began bleaching their skin because society made them believe that they would be able to occupy higher positions socially and commercially and that they would marry better men. Ads portrayed lighter skin as lovelier skin. BUT then it became popular for people to start sunbathing, it started off as a prescription from doctors for illnesses but then beauty companies began selling sun tan lotions.  LIKE so youre saying being darker is more attractive now?  Since when is a skin color a fad that comes and goes?

Cellulite:  Back in the 1830s, larger women were considered very attractive, painters lauded curves in paintings with cellulite and all. After a period of time, cellulite was demonized and it is certainly still looked down upon. If you don’t have it,GREAT! But just because you do, that should be okay too.

Manicured nails: Since when does having unmanicured nails have to be considered unsightly? Why does the phrase “ you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she keeps her nails” even exist? Like I don’t have time to worry about my nails every week, I barely even have time to comb my hair. Some women don’t even care for things like that and it DOES NOT make them less of a woman. It began in the 1920s when having manicured nails became a way to display wealth and elegance and it proved that you were above the working class.

You see guys I can go on, there are so many things women have grown up expected to care about. This post is not meant to say that women shouldn’t care about their appearance. I am solely pointing out that it should not define us and should not make us less of a woman if we do not care for those things.  I should be more than my appearance, I want to be seen as something more than having to please the eyes.

Thigh Gap < Wage Gap



As always, I amuse myself with my chosen titles for my blog posts. This one in particular is perfect because both pertain to issues in the female world. Both issues affect one group over what they look like. Unfortunately, only one seems to take the center stage in our generation, which is truly heartbreaking. We let society dictate what we’re supposed to look like and then let society blind us to the fact that we’re underpaid in the workplace and it’s wrong. We are so preoccupied with fads and yes, even let beauty take top priority over our fundamental rights and if they’re being enforced. This specific statement can be weird coming from beauty bloggers like ourselves but we don’t want to simply focus on the importance of physical beauty but also on the importance of validating and empowering the beautiful human beings known as women.

As of 2013, the average white woman earns 82 cents for every dollar made my a white man. Now, if just being a woman wasn’t bad enough, being a black woman just adds insult to injury. The average black woman earns 69 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. Now this is where it gets extremely personal for myself and I’m sure for my lovely Izzy as well, the average latina woman earns 61 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. As if it weren’t already hard enough to even get a job being a minority, when we do get the job we’re not even going to get paid equally to our male counterparts. The only ones sort of #winning in this absurd reality, are Asian-American woman who earn 93 cents to the white mans dollar.

The Equal Pay Act was signed into action in 1963, and at that time women earned 59 cents to the male dollar. 52 years later we’re still waiting to actually get paid equally as the man in the workplace. I don’t know about you all but this just grinds my gears, to know that in something that you would think wouldn’t really be a problem, there is such blatant discrimination against women and even more so towards the female minority! It’s about time we start informing ourselves about these things and actually making them more of a priority than if some other Instagram celebrity has a larger thigh gap than us. I hope that after reading my informative mini-rant, someone else will start to do their own research and help us change these numbers because if I went to school for 4-6 years to have a degree and masters in my field just like a man then I SURE AS HELL EXPECT to get paid the same since I paid the same dues and paid my way through college and invested the same amount of time. JUST SAYIN’. Anyways, as always, we’d love to hear back from you all, especially on such important topics as these. so yea, just do it! Ok, I think this went pretty well…



outfit of the week 


What do you guys think of this lovely ensemble. I think it’s very sophisticated chic. You have the mustard, elongated, sleeveless cardigan, with a velvet royal blue dress underneath and the blue , white striped Adidas to top it off. It’s definitely the perfect set for an intro to Summer. Shoot! Id even use this in the Spring and just throw a leather jacket on top for when it gets cool. 

Thoughts ladies?


Bald Hair, Voltaire (movie reference…extra awesome points if you know where that’s from)


So excuse my super long title…I just couldn’t think of a title and this just popped into my head so just bare with me. Now, if you know what movie that’s from (BIG MOVIE BUFF HERE!), comment below so we can both get a nice chuckle and you can make my day. WHOO! Ok moving on, maybe you’ve already guessed what this post is about… anyone? anyone at all? no one? Really? It’s about HAIR! YAY! I personally love my hair more than anything else about me. My hair is my pride and joy, it is what makes me, ME! And anyone who knows me knows that they’ve used my hair to describe me to someone at some point. It’s a part of my identity and I love it.

That being said, I must share my heartbreak. I, am losing my hair… Can we have a moment of silence for that statement?

OK! so let us proceed! This post is the beginning of my journey that I wish to share with you all because I know I can’t be the only one going through the hair loss struggle. I recently bought the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum because I read up on it and it had excellent reviews and I am OBSESSED with reviews when I’m searching for a new purchase. So far I can say it smells GREAT! A bit on the expensive side for the actual size (it’s pretty tiny) but I read that it actually lasts a long time. The directions say to only put 20 drops daily and that is a MUST! because it can get a bit greasy. Putting any more than 20 will not speed up the process. What helps the process along is the consistency with which you use it.

Well next month I will be posting up a progress report and hopefully it will be a positive one because I need my locks back healthy and strong and bountiful. If you are also having a hard time with your hair maybe you should check it out and if you have had trouble in the past and somehow fixed it PLEASE PLEASE give me some words of advice in the comment section below. mmmkkayyy ya’ll, until next time!


Amazing, Affordable, Beautiful FOUNDATION


While my darling Izzy is over here preparing a beautiful, intelligent and profound blog post for you all, I’ll just be here trying to get you you all equally as interested and inspired by my most recent find, THE MOST AMAZING DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION EVER!….well for now, ha!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been struggling with acne for quite some time so my need to cover them has increased severely. I know it’s contradictory to put even more stuff on your face when its already going nuts but HEY! Don’t judge me for wanting my face to look perfect! I know I’m not the only one so I declare this a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! Take that!

Ok so moving on to my explanation as to WHY I have become obsessed with this foundation. It is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi. What makes this foundation so special is that it gives excellent coverage with just a little bit of the formula and it comes with a slight highlighter aspect to give you some natural glow and shine! Something I loved is that it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey regardless of how much I use and its SUPER easy to blend and it actually looks like my skin. Since my skin has become so sensitive and has broke out so much, I watched out for oiliness AND if I broke out at all during these past few months I’ve been using it, and I can report that it isn’t oily and it has NOT made me break out. These recent months my acne has really gotten much better and this foundation has not derailed or held back the healing process.

So for my final verdict, I’m going to give it a 9/10. As much as I DO love it, it could provide a more complete coverage, that way I don’t have to use concealer underneath to cover old acne scars. Hope you guys can check out this foundation if you’re currently searching for a good and inexpensive one! If you guys have used it and want to share your experience please do so! I LOVE HEARING BACK FROM OUR READERS! I’m obsessed with it actually! That’t it from me for today!

                      •  Kay

 The Power of short hair AKA The Bob

  Today I’m going to talk about the history of the bob haircut. I thought it’d be appropriate considering I’ve cut my hair four times, each time shorter than the last and ultimately I love it. I love how fresh, chic, and edgy it feels and looks. I also love the fact that most men aren’t fond of it. I never entertained the idea of having to look a certain way because a man said so. I love the art of dressing myself as I please, especially if it isn’t offeding anyone. NOW, lets begin! The 20th century bob haircut, definitely symbolizes the independence, progressive and spirited woman. I love the example gave. ” Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Think Louise Brooks in… well…all of her silent movies. Millie even felt thoroughly modern when her locks were shorn. When Bernice bobbed her hair in 1920 it signified a change in her personality from mousey to sassy.” According to, it all started in 1915, when a woman named Irene Castle , one day decided to cut her hair short to avoid having to comb it while in the hospital.  She was a famous American ballroom dancer and performer. She endorsed fashion designs and became a style leader for women. She hid the haircut in a turban as it grew but a friend persuaded her to wear the short style in public.  She then goes out to dinner with her new short look and BOOM, a fashion trend was born. The bob is definitely defined as a 1920s look.  A time that was revolutionary for women. Old rules of femininity and fashion were being left behind as young women were beginning to go work, getting permission to vote, play sports and leave the house as they please unsupervised. They were becoming independent and were being given the chance to be their own person. Since  women were not allowed to cut their hair because it was seen as a masculine trait, giving up long hair became a symbol of independence and strength that was equal to men. Now that we know how powerful this haircut is, I dedicate  this post to all the ladies in the place with style and grace…