“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…”


Hermoso. Beau. Bello. Beautiful

What is Beauty? What are the qualifications for something to be labeled as “beautiful”?
As we began the initial thought process for this blog, our main concern was the name we would give it. Both of us knew what topics we would enjoy writing about: art, beauty product reviews, healthy living, recipes, fashion inspiration, etc. But the central theme that we could both agree on was BEAUTY, in all its forms and depths. We love beauty, we live for beauty, we search for beauty. Both of us having our definitions of what appeals to us as beautiful. This topic, which in itself is so polarizing because of the fact that everyone has the right to their own opinion on what beauty is, can at the same time unite everyone in a conversation. Regardless of what one person says is beautiful, it’s important to remember: Beauty truly is in the eye of its beholder.
Because of our love for beauty and our quest in finding it in everything that surrounds us, we chose to title our blog ‘AESTHETE‘, which by definition is an individual who loves and appreciates all forms of beauty. So if you feel like you can use a little more beauty in your life or want to join us as we discover beauty, you’ve
found  the right place, and I sure as heck hope you like reading because I write almost as much as I talk. K, Buh Bye.


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