Olive Oil continued!! 

So last week I gave you guys a preview of all the great things Olive oil can do. As you saw, it can help with unzipping zippers, stainless steel shine, or even just polishing furniture. Now I don’t want to make this post lengthy so let me just get to the point.I am going to talk about its beauty benefits. I am such an advocate for using natural products over chemical ones. I’m sure I agitate all my friends talking about it, but here’s why! First of all, why would you want to apply things to your skin that contain ingredients that you can’t even pronounce? That goes for the things we ingest too, but today I will focus on just this. The average person uses numerous amounts of products in their lifetime, of this I am sure, because I am guilty of it too. We need to realize that our skin acts as a sponge. It absorbs everything we put onto it. How many chemicals has your skin absorbed in your lifetime? A lot I presume. According to treehugger.com, these chemicals will affect us over time, whether it is with infertility, birth defects, hormone disruptor, or even just preventing us from giving our skin the nutrients it deserves.  Using chemical products is an artificial and temporary solution. While it can help for the moment, natural products, such as Olive oil, can fix the inner problem of your skin. According to stylecraze.com, Olive oil is closest in chemical structure to our skins natural oil structure than any other natural oil. Hence the reason it works as such a great moisturizer. It has natural antioxidants and doesn’t clog pores. It is very convenient in the winter for those extra ashy places like our elbows and knees. It also has a regenerative component that ensures your skin to remain soft and smooth while keeping it firm. Another thing, it helps with stretch marks! Olive oil helps the skin regenerate and increase in elasticity. It helps prevent stretch marks and also helps lighten the present ones. Also, because of vitamin E and antioxidants, it prevents premature aging and wrinkles. How great is that! Last but not least, it works as a great makeup remover!!! It wipes it right off. Now here’s a tip, when applying the oil, do it right after you’ve showered or just washed your face. It is best applied when the skin is still damp, not wet, but damp. The skin absorbs it better. Idk why, but it does. If you don’t believe me, try it! Or Google it! I am obviously no expert, but I do a lot of experimenting and research. Oh and 1 more thing! Adding lavender or Rosemary or anything of that sort will help make the smell better! Anyway guys, my rant is over. Until next week 🙂



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