The Power of short hair AKA The Bob

  Today I’m going to talk about the history of the bob haircut. I thought it’d be appropriate considering I’ve cut my hair four times, each time shorter than the last and ultimately I love it. I love how fresh, chic, and edgy it feels and looks. I also love the fact that most men aren’t fond of it. I never entertained the idea of having to look a certain way because a man said so. I love the art of dressing myself as I please, especially if it isn’t offeding anyone. NOW, lets begin! The 20th century bob haircut, definitely symbolizes the independence, progressive and spirited woman. I love the example gave. ” Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Think Louise Brooks in… well…all of her silent movies. Millie even felt thoroughly modern when her locks were shorn. When Bernice bobbed her hair in 1920 it signified a change in her personality from mousey to sassy.” According to, it all started in 1915, when a woman named Irene Castle , one day decided to cut her hair short to avoid having to comb it while in the hospital.  She was a famous American ballroom dancer and performer. She endorsed fashion designs and became a style leader for women. She hid the haircut in a turban as it grew but a friend persuaded her to wear the short style in public.  She then goes out to dinner with her new short look and BOOM, a fashion trend was born. The bob is definitely defined as a 1920s look.  A time that was revolutionary for women. Old rules of femininity and fashion were being left behind as young women were beginning to go work, getting permission to vote, play sports and leave the house as they please unsupervised. They were becoming independent and were being given the chance to be their own person. Since  women were not allowed to cut their hair because it was seen as a masculine trait, giving up long hair became a symbol of independence and strength that was equal to men. Now that we know how powerful this haircut is, I dedicate  this post to all the ladies in the place with style and grace…   



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