Bald Hair, Voltaire (movie reference…extra awesome points if you know where that’s from)


So excuse my super long title…I just couldn’t think of a title and this just popped into my head so just bare with me. Now, if you know what movie that’s from (BIG MOVIE BUFF HERE!), comment below so we can both get a nice chuckle and you can make my day. WHOO! Ok moving on, maybe you’ve already guessed what this post is about… anyone? anyone at all? no one? Really? It’s about HAIR! YAY! I personally love my hair more than anything else about me. My hair is my pride and joy, it is what makes me, ME! And anyone who knows me knows that they’ve used my hair to describe me to someone at some point. It’s a part of my identity and I love it.

That being said, I must share my heartbreak. I, am losing my hair… Can we have a moment of silence for that statement?

OK! so let us proceed! This post is the beginning of my journey that I wish to share with you all because I know I can’t be the only one going through the hair loss struggle. I recently bought the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum because I read up on it and it had excellent reviews and I am OBSESSED with reviews when I’m searching for a new purchase. So far I can say it smells GREAT! A bit on the expensive side for the actual size (it’s pretty tiny) but I read that it actually lasts a long time. The directions say to only put 20 drops daily and that is a MUST! because it can get a bit greasy. Putting any more than 20 will not speed up the process. What helps the process along is the consistency with which you use it.

Well next month I will be posting up a progress report and hopefully it will be a positive one because I need my locks back healthy and strong and bountiful. If you are also having a hard time with your hair maybe you should check it out and if you have had trouble in the past and somehow fixed it PLEASE PLEASE give me some words of advice in the comment section below. mmmkkayyy ya’ll, until next time!



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