Thigh Gap < Wage Gap



As always, I amuse myself with my chosen titles for my blog posts. This one in particular is perfect because both pertain to issues in the female world. Both issues affect one group over what they look like. Unfortunately, only one seems to take the center stage in our generation, which is truly heartbreaking. We let society dictate what we’re supposed to look like and then let society blind us to the fact that we’re underpaid in the workplace and it’s wrong. We are so preoccupied with fads and yes, even let beauty take top priority over our fundamental rights and if they’re being enforced. This specific statement can be weird coming from beauty bloggers like ourselves but we don’t want to simply focus on the importance of physical beauty but also on the importance of validating and empowering the beautiful human beings known as women.

As of 2013, the average white woman earns 82 cents for every dollar made my a white man. Now, if just being a woman wasn’t bad enough, being a black woman just adds insult to injury. The average black woman earns 69 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. Now this is where it gets extremely personal for myself and I’m sure for my lovely Izzy as well, the average latina woman earns 61 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. As if it weren’t already hard enough to even get a job being a minority, when we do get the job we’re not even going to get paid equally to our male counterparts. The only ones sort of #winning in this absurd reality, are Asian-American woman who earn 93 cents to the white mans dollar.

The Equal Pay Act was signed into action in 1963, and at that time women earned 59 cents to the male dollar. 52 years later we’re still waiting to actually get paid equally as the man in the workplace. I don’t know about you all but this just grinds my gears, to know that in something that you would think wouldn’t really be a problem, there is such blatant discrimination against women and even more so towards the female minority! It’s about time we start informing ourselves about these things and actually making them more of a priority than if some other Instagram celebrity has a larger thigh gap than us. I hope that after reading my informative mini-rant, someone else will start to do their own research and help us change these numbers because if I went to school for 4-6 years to have a degree and masters in my field just like a man then I SURE AS HELL EXPECT to get paid the same since I paid the same dues and paid my way through college and invested the same amount of time. JUST SAYIN’. Anyways, as always, we’d love to hear back from you all, especially on such important topics as these. so yea, just do it! Ok, I think this went pretty well…




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