13 Going on a Quarter of a Century

Guess who’s Back! Back Again!

So we were totally on a super long, unplanned and unwanted hiatus. And for that we are so sorry, cause it’s not fair to whoever actually takes time to read our stuff and it means so much to us cause its pretty freakin awesome to know people care enough to check our blog out.  WOW! that was quite the sentence. Sorry for that, you may catch your breath now.

Moving on.

It recently dawned on me that by the end of this year I will officially be AN “ADULT”. Quite honestly, I’m a little freaked out by the whole thing and currently still in disbelief. I was JUST 16. This made me think about my “style” evolution throughout the years and how little progress I feel like i’ve actually made. I honestly believe that I still dress like I’m in high school. Now, in my defense, I’M A FREAKIN NANNY! Am I supposed to wear full on fabulous outfits to burp babies and change diapers? Don’t Think So!

This led me to actually wonder what “dressing my age” would really mean. I’ve never been someone with a defined style because I wear whatever the hell I feel like wearing at that moment in time, but if I had to choose words for my usual go-to stuff, they would be: classic, laid back and Kirsten Stewart….cause she wears converse and leather jackets and I live for both.

I guess I would say I have a “Style Bi-Polar Disorder”. Raise your hand if you have that same issues? Look AT YOU WEIRDO! Actually raising your hand! Anywhooo, this is basically an introduction to future posts of my style evolution that I think would be cool to share and maybe you guys can give me a few tips cause i personally think clothes and I just aren’t a perfect match. YUP! I’d prefer running around in like long t-shirts and call it a day. Oddly enough i’d wear like a long t-shirt and a full face of makeup…SEE?!!! Bi-Polar!!

So I’ve written quite a lot. BUT HEY! It’s been a while.





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