The Guilt of Sugar 

Hey guys!! WE ARE BACK, BACK AGAIN (cue the music)
Sorry for the long hiatus, but Kenia and I were having a bit of a writers block. It’s not easy coming up with content that may be of interest to readers.

Now lets get to it….

Today I would like to talk about our daily intake of sugar. Consumers today are becoming more aware of what they put into thier bodies so I think it’s important to understand how sugar works. Now, I am no doctor, BUT I like to do my research and with some credible sources you can learn enough to converse with.

According to, our daily intake of sugar depends on our bodies. Ideally, men should not have more than 9 teaspoons a day, which amounts to 37.5 grams and women should not consume more than 25 grams. So that means, 150 calories of sugar for men, and 100 calories for women. To me, that just sounds ridicules because  that’s like half of what I put into my coffee in the morning. What if I wanted a cookie? But it is, what it is folks.

On the nutrition labels, it is easy to pin point the grams of sugar in the food item but sugar can also be hidden on the ingredients list. High fructose corn syrup, molasses, honey, sucrose, dextrose and maltose are just a few of the sugary sweeteners food manufacturers may use in products. Basically anything that rhymes with gross. Some foods even have naturally occurring sugars. Fruits contain sugar called fructose and milk contains sugar called lactose. The important thing to understand however is that all sugars turn into glucose which fuels our cells. Also, we should make a habit of reading our labels because you wouldn’t imagine the amount of sugar some items may contain. We get 3 grams of sugar alone from a slice of bread, 8 grams in ONE single chocolate chip cookie and 37 grams of sugar in a blueberry muffin. So lets be careful! Now excuse me while I go eat my muffin with guilt.



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