About Kay & Izzy

I have always wanted to start my own blog but never had the encouragement to do so. Being in love with NYC and all that it has to offer, I find myself having thoughts that I believe should be shared with an audience. Living in NYC all my life, which has been the past 20 years, I have encountered all different kinds of people, food, beautiful art that may have just been accidental, wonderful sceneries and so much more. As a result of my infinite surroundings, it has been a process to figure myself out. While still in that process, there have been certain things that have stuck with me, which I have become genuinely interested in.  Those are the things I would like to share with you. Little pieces of my mind that include a variety of ideas. From organic foods to teas, to health tips and ideas, to fashion, hair products, skin products/ tips, sceneries, restaurants, and even recipes for all sorts of things.  As excited as I am to start this blog, I am even more excited to be doing it with my good friend Kay. With so much more to come, I give you all my best.


For some time now, I’ve become obsessed with beauty and lifestyle YouTube channels, subscribing to every single one made by a relatable, charming and beautiful woman. These YouTube channels led me to their blogs which I’ve become equally as obsessed with, especially since I now have an app that places all my favorite blogs in one place, like a blog version of Instagram, if you will. As I kept watching and reading and obsessing over their tips and tutorials I came to a realization: ALL my favorite bloggers and YouTube channels have a woman with time and money at their disposal… And I’m just a 20-something year old from NYC, still living with her parents with a good paying nanny job. I barely have my life figured out and I sure as hell don’t have the money to constantly buy organic food and makeup, Dior lipsticks by the pile or even Aldo shoes for that matter. It’s about time us average gals have someone to give us tips that won’t leave us broke but will keep us fabulous nonetheless.
So this is the place for you Duane Reade junkies and H&M fashionistas!
Let’s hear it for the girls! Cheers! Mazel tov! Órale Pues! Welcome to Kay & Izzys beautiful world!



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